Worst Day Possible, eh?

What is even adulting? Hate this word, first of all!!

I’m alone and it’s past 1 in the morning and am thinking about what a bad day I had! My sister hates me, a close friend betrayed me which will definitely turn my life upside down, the guy I like is avoiding me because I talked about having something serious after knowing each other for months, been scolded by my superiors for something which I’ve not even done, been mansplained for taking that scold without standing up for myself because miserable me wanted to avoid another drama in life, then had a long ass call with a guy I used to like which was sort of good but confused my head! And cherry on the top, I’m very ill and have to take care of myself because I live alone and cannot share it with my family because they’ll freak out about my health.

How to handle everything? I am so much alone! I have no one at this moment whom I can call and feel a little less lonely. I’ll immediately regret ranting and venting but I don’t deserve to be left alone like this, at least give me someone whom I can just talk to about random stuff and not about my personal problems. I am very miserable!




An overthinker’s personal blog because her diary is full

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An overthinker’s personal blog because her diary is full

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